Cultural Entrepreneurship week – CTS 15.11.2016

Following the Creative Entrepreneur week organised by UAL (University of the Arts London) we, the students from the CTS module “Cultural Entrepreneurship”, organised an event on the 15th of November to discuss a problem. After we split the class into smaller groups we started to throw ideas and develop them. With the help of the teachers … More Cultural Entrepreneurship week – CTS 15.11.2016

Collaboration and Networking – CTS 08.11.2016

“Temporary mechanisms and long lasting relationships. They are cooperative and competitive weapons. Each is unique but the often share similar properties. They have an intended purpose yet their emergent benefits may be more important” Osborn and Hagedoorn 1997 What brings collaboration to a project? New perspectives Collaborative intelligence Leads to Innovation Friction between collaborators brings new … More Collaboration and Networking – CTS 08.11.2016

Business Ecosystems and Start-Ups – CTS 25.10.2016

Start-ups: a Small business that surrounds an idea. Due to the size , hey are easier to achieve in a group. The ecosystem that surrounds the start-up is vital for the grow of it and later on the success. Some of this points are: The training and education  of the group members Universities as Catalysis The … More Business Ecosystems and Start-Ups – CTS 25.10.2016

Modual 2.0 – CTS 18.10.2016

“Entrepreneurship” (from French “to undertake”) In the 20th century names like Joseph Schumpeter or professor Howard Stevenson studied the idea. It means to convert a new idea or invention onto innovation. In the 21st Century, it got extended to social, political, intellectual and the cultural world. It is a mindset, not so much a business model ”All … More Modual 2.0 – CTS 18.10.2016

How to create content in the creative industries – CTS 11.10.2016

What are the problems of the creative industries? The diversity of the industries inside the creative industry makes it really difficult to create a block of creatives that work and collaborate together. This creates a really individualised market with different incomes and ideas and divides, even more, this business. Different scales of markets Products that are … More How to create content in the creative industries – CTS 11.10.2016

Genre 17.03.2016

A genre is a mix of patterns, styles, forms and structures. Texts, books, films, music.. everything can be organised by genre. Each genre has identifiable types, categories, classification or groups that have similar techniques or conventions. For instance, and taking Blade Runner as example,  Harrison Ford, the star of the movie, will bring connotations (friendly, … More Genre 17.03.2016